Emanuel Casablanca

“One gets the sense Casablanca has all the gifts that lead to stardom, this release indicates he’s well on his way.” – All About Jazz

“Emanuel Casablanca, the bad boy of blues, is a guitarist and songwriter who stands out from the crowd; In a world of followers he takes his own path, guided by his specific passion and unfettered by cultural definition. As a young man he witnessed the old Brooklyn, when venues where all around and you earned your chops in a Williamsburg venue. He grew up listening to Biggie, Lil Kim, and The Lost Boys at a time and place where you could see them hanging out in the neighborhood. His mother was a music teacher and she kept him playing and on a classical and gospel path. He left the music path for the basketball court, but returned to music during college and picked up the forbidden instruments (drums and guitar) and began his personal music journey. He credits Angus Young as his motivation to pick up the guitar, and titans Albert King, Rory Gallagher, Buddy Guy, and Freddie King as important influences that led him to his sound, which he identifies as Brooklyn Blues.

Casablanca writes SONGS; he aspires to write and record songs as they were made in the classic times in history, yet keep them relevant to today. His new record, It’s Getting Strange, is a tight collection that hearkens back to a time when artists sought to directly convey their feelings in an effort to connect with the listener. The themes are therefore familiar; love and loss, peace and hope. The style can be described best as old school rhythm and blues, with a heavy emphasis on blues. His voice is transcendent, and his guitar licks are deliberate and never overwrought. The record is a refreshing change of pace from the frantic sounds of today.”


RECORD LABEL/PRESS: Ropedope Records, Fabian Brown: 865-577-7907 / fabian@ropeadope.com