Official Launch of the Tina Terry Agency

I came to work at Piedmont Talent after having had my own Agency, Sandbox Productions, for nearly 6 years.  February 2014 would mark 10 years with Piedmont Talent.   It was my honor to work with Owner/Creator, Steve Hecht, RIP, my friend, as well as many fine artists and talent buyers as an agent for Piedmont Talent.

It is with great pride and humility that I announce that I will no longer be acting as an agent of Piedmont Talent and instead, I choose to carry forward creating a new agency.  The agency will be dedicated to do the utmost for music and the people who sacrifice so much to bring it to the public.

December 8, 2013 will mark the opening date.  I will put every bit of my well-learned 16 years of experience into the Tina Terry Agency with the goal of bringing innovative music to the buyers/promoters who make this musical world go around.  I plan to return to the philosophies I developed while with Sandbox Productions with the knowledge and experience I have gained as an agent for Piedmont Talent to represent and book interesting artists with all my passion.  The music will always matter.

I will maintain the daily course of what is most trying and at times, a difficult business, as I always have.  I pledge to continue to work hard and maintain the attention to the details that matter while nurturing the relationships with the people behind the music.

My life has been about music, particularly, the Blues, for many years, and I am excited about the new horizons, new opportunities and new musical discoveries.

Thank you to each of you for your part in keeping live music alive.  It is much appreciated.


Tina Terry, Owner/Agent
Tina Terry Agency
2820 Selwyn Avenue, Suite 821
Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
336/273.0446, main
336/255.7109, direct