Ryan Baker Joins Tina Terry Agency

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker Joins Tina Terry Agency

Responsible Agent for the US Northeast and Eastern Canada Territory

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Ryan Baker (second from right) joins the Tina Terry Agency
[/av_image]Ryan Baker (second from right) joins the Tina Terry Agency

Ryan Baker of Voodoo Music Entertainment, Wichita, KS, joins the Tina Terry Agency as the Agent for all artist bookings in the Northeast US territory and Eastern Canada.

Baker grew up in a family where music is what put food on the table. Baker’s father grew up playing in the Kansas music scene of the 60’s & early 70’s in Topeka, Kansas where The Germs, The Fabulous Flames and Kansas were making a scene for the Midwest.  With the artistic side in his blood he went to college as a Graphic Designer. During that time he kept his ears open listening and spending a great deal of money on CD’s creating a vast multi-genred library of music. Baker read books about music folklore of the great musicians in the past which lead to his desire to know how their music was created and how it stands the test of time. That led to his desires to be a part of the music business himself. It lead to the desire to be his own boss and blaze his own trial. A decade after graduating from college, with music in his heart and business on his brain, Baker decided to jump feet first and joined his first band. They played all original Americana music. This lead to him becoming the band’s Booking Agent. It was the venture where Baker found his passion and he never looked back. Voodoo Music Entertainment was created and has been in existence for 10 solid years. He has worked with rock & blues genres both in Management and Booking. Baker has also served as Talent Buyer for many events, and specifically at times putting on festivals and concert events at multiple venues.  He is the creator of the Kansas Blues Blast Festival now in its 4th year.

With all of Ryan’s experience and talent, we are honored he choose to join the Tina Terry Agency family.

Ryan can be reached directly @ 316-201-5846 and via email at ryan@tinaterryagency.com.